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had he tasted defeat, utter helplessness. The
loyal herd that had watched his very ears for
their commands was now running wildly over

I believe that., if at that moment there had been
a solid iron wall in front of that stallion, he would
have dashed his brains out against it. I remember
looking backwards into the darkness for a con-
venient place to hop, if he should suddenly choose
to rush headlong into the noise that was driving
him wild with helpless rage. But, even as I
looked back, I heard a whistling noise, and my
eyes were jerked back to the runway just in time
to see the steel-dust king stretching himself past
us like a huge greyhound. With each incredible
leap he panted a breath that shrieked like a

No one will ever know what was in his brain;
why he had so suddenly broken himself away
from his herd. But on he went, leaving the
other horses behind like a deer leaving a bunch of
coyotes. A few seconds later the rest of the herd
came booming past us. As we went over the
fence, shouting and gesticulating, we looked into
a blinding fog of sweat and breath, which fairly
stung our nostrils with its pungency.

I thought that herd would never stop passing
us. I had never seen so many horses before, it
seemed. We stuck to our posts until it was nearly